by Joe Alain

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
Joe Alain
Joshua 1:1-9

The beginning of a new year is a pivotal time in our lives, it’s a time of transitions. Culturally, it’s the season of the “Ten Best” or “Ten Worst” of the previous year. By the way, the most annoying words of 2013 were “selfie” and “twerking.” Economically, we evaluate where we are and make decisions about the future. Nationally, the president will give his annual State of the Union Address and give his take on where we’ve been the last year and where we’re going.

And personally, the new year offers us an opportunity to review and reflect upon the previous year and based on our review and reflections, we make our future plans, course corrections, we write out our hopes and dreams, our “to do” lists, our resolutions for the new year.

Christians have the added responsibility to review and reflect upon their life congregationally, as it relates to the fellowship of other believers. We not only have personal and community lives but we have lives intertwined together with other believers in the body of Christ. And so we too as a fellowship of believers must review and reflect on the past year and based on that we pray and we make plans and express our hopes for the new year.

In all these areas of our lives we are faced with decisions. What will we do this year? What will we not do? And what will we do differently? In Joshua chapter one we find Israel at a pivotal time in their history. It was a transitional time in the life of Israel. Even after a disappointing and difficult period of time the message to Israel was “Get ready to cross the Jordan River.” “On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!” Put the past behind and embrace God’s limitless future!

1. Transitions (1:1-2)
Moses is dead and the people have yet to enter the promised land. This passage follows a 30 day period of mourning (Deut. 34:8). It would be natural for this to be a somber and uncertain time in the life of Israel. They have lost ...

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