HELL (1 OF 2)

by Kenton Beshore

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Hell (1 of 2)
Series: Why
Kenton Beshore

We are beginning a new series titled Why. We are gonna take on the biggest questions people have in our community, biggest question you have. And we’re gonna talk about it each week. Why does God allow suffering? Why is it that Christians believe there’s one true religion? Why is it why can’t Christianity be more inclusive? Why is that you believe you really take the bible literally? Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? Why the resurrection? So we are gonna talk about those. And so today you can see we’re gonna talk about hell. And right away lot of you go, are you kidding me? You actually believe in hell? Because who in their right mind can believe in hell. Because how can you believe in a loving God that really does send people to hell. How can God not give people a second, a third and ultimately eternal chances? How can people be locked in trying to climb out with this sense of please one more chance and God says no no its hell for you. How is that we can really as Christ followers talk about. Because isn’t even the whole idea of hell doesn’t it make us more judgmental and narrow as people to say oh its hell for you if you don’t believe in God. I mean don’t you really even need hell. And to talk about hell doesn’t it confuse people and doesn’t it take away from the love of God. And really if you were honest which I’m not gonna ask you to vote. Because statistics and people, no no don’t raise your hand. The idea is that even people who are Christians have a hard time with it. And is it even profitable? Why is it in the bible? So we want to talk about that, and so we are gonna do that if you pull out outlines we’ll look at it.

And one is as people talk about it that I’ve found is people who don’t come to church that may be nominal seekers, but aren’t convinced, but sure don’t go to church are willing to talk about hell. But the first way they bring up hell is very glib. They say you know, so you think I’m going t ...

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