by Kenton Beshore

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A Christmas Affair (1 of 2)
Series: Advent
Kenton Beshore

We are so glad that you’re here and we’re on a journey toward Christmas, right? And you’re getting a little tired as we go. There’s a lot to it, but all of us are on a journey to Christmas. And what we don’t want is we do not want to arrive on Christmas morning having done all these activities and wrapped all these gifts and done all these activities with a heart that’s unprepared. That we can’t celebrate and embrace and enjoy all that is the message and the mystery and the person of Christmas. So we’re on a journey and what we want to do today is prepare our hearts so that we’ll be ready to celebrate and embrace the whole message of Christmas. So on your outline, you can see what my plan was, was to talk about Mary and Joseph. I don’t think I’m going to make it to Joseph, so we’re going to be on the front. You’re going to be watching time thinking, “Oh! This is going to last forever. Oh boy!” But, it won’t last forever because I’m only going to do the front page. All right.

So, Mary, just as we think about here, is the first person – now think about this, she is the first person in the Christmas story that responds in faith the what that we’re supposed to respond in faith. She’s given the Good News, the Gospel, and she responds the way that we are. And so in that sense, Mary is the really the first Christian. What I mean by that is, she is the first one to receive the message of the Gospel, to believe it in faith, and, incredibly, she’s around a seventeen year old, you know, young woman who lives in the Middle East from a poor, you know she’s poor, she’s unwed and going to be pregnant and she hears and she believes. And she defines for us what it means to be a Christian and what it means to live as a Christian.

So, if, you know, you find yourself as a spiritual seeker, a spiritual adventurer, you’re not really sure what you think about Christmas or actually what is a Christian, you’re going to ...

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