JESUS (1 OF 3)

by Kenton Beshore

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Jesus (1 of 3)
Series: Way, Truth, Life
Kenton Beshore

Reverend: There is a lot of exciting things happening around our community. Yesterday I was at Laguna Hills High School countywide cross country meet. My son is running cross country, and there are thousands of kids. And you’re just walking around seeing all these students, bright, it was just fun to be around them. Saw a lot of students from our own high school program. They came up, they said hi; it was fun to kid with them. Really fun to see that in our community.

But the thing that I am most excited about in our community, what we’re doing in this whole area of small groups. We have 5,500 people signed up, and in the last two weeks, couple of weeks, there has been another 1,300 to 1,500 people sign up to be in small groups. The importance of the numbers is just to show you that’s who we can count, and those are real numbers. So we’re starting this series. It’s exciting. If you haven’t yet joined, I’m going to keep torturing you with this. It’s not too late. You can take this card, fill it out, both sides, and we’ll get you in a small group.

Lots of you had picked up the, uh, the DVD and you’re just taking it through, maybe just taking a friend. I’ve got a friend that I’m playing email tag with. And I’m going to say, hey, would you look at what I’ve done here and go through this. And I’m going to sit down with him and just take him through it. He’s in a little small group with me and doesn’t even know it, but we’re going to go through it together. Maybe you’ll want to do that.

This is a defining year in the life of our church. It’s not just one more year at Mariners. It’s a new year. This year, we’re doing the small group. We’ve got more people in small groups than ever. This year, as a church, we’re going to have the opportunity to define our future. We’re going to do that in the next three months. What buildings are we going to build and how far can we extend. We’re going to decide that toget ...

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