by Kenton Beshore

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The Big Event (3 of 3)
Series: Way, Truth, Life
Kenton Beshore

Reverend: ...on this most important weekend because this is the weekend that as a church we kind of define our future together. I hope that you got to see a lot of the pictures out on the patio. You can see there are cars and pictures that go with the different decades of the church, and it was fun to kind of look back for me and see a lot of different pictures. You saw there’s one – and actually it was in one of the videos and it’s not on the thing – where Lori and I run a three-legged race. In fact – you didn’t know this, but I just remembered it when I saw it – Lori and I won a three-legged race every year in the all-church picnic. And I’m totally serious. And, in fact, I used to taunt the church and say, “We can beat you.” And we did it for five years.

In fact, I think it’s why they quit having church picnics because they were afraid I was getting arrogant over it because I could kill everybody. I’m totally serious on this. I was really proud of it. And so we used to run three-legged races and stuff. And the other thing I noticed is that there’s some pictures of me right at the time I became a senior pastor. And the most interesting thing that happened when I became a senior pastor is they had to send two people to talk to me. The first person it was the most awkward moment for this guy. He served on the elder board, and it was obvious. He was sweating, his hands were wringing, and I go, “What is the problem here.” Are they going to say forget it or what? And I go, “Just spill it out.” Could you stop cutting your own hair?

I roared. I thought it was so funny because I used to cut my own hair. When it got annoying I’d just cut it off. And I said sure. So he wanted me to cut my hair. Then they sent some other people over and they cleaned out my closet because my sense of style wasn’t all that good either I guess. And so that’s how I started off as a senior pastor. And so there are all sorts ...

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