by Kenton Beshore

Things You Got To Know
Kenton Beshore

Would you pull out your outlines. We’re continuing on in a series titled, “Father’s wisdom” and today we’re going to talk about some things you just got to know. You remember if this came to me as I was traveling with my son’s back from West Texas and my son, who has just now entered this ____0:17 Young College. We were driving back to take him to college and as we were driving through the most blind place in the universe, West Texas, I had the most exciting conversation that I’ve ever had with my son because he asked me this question, “Dad, I’m going away to school. Do you got any words of wisdom for me?” And I said, “Are you kidding?” And so, we went through for the next eight hours, which is the most blind drive in the universe, West Texas. For the next eight hours, we just talked about life. And I shared with him the things I’m sharing with you, Father’s wisdom.

Now, this wisdom is not my wisdom. This wisdom comes from the book of Proverbs because God knows that all of us were going to have times, where we’ve got big decisions to make or we’re going to have a family member, a friend, a co-worker, someone that we love turned to us and say, “Do you got any wisdom for me?” And God never wants us to be in a place where we don’t have wisdom for life. So, he has given to us a heavenly father’s wisdom, the book of proverbs because the Bible teaches us lots of ways, you know this, I mean, the Bible teaches us true stories, the historical books and lots of the things that happen and Jesus is life, where we get to just watch people’s lives and how they responded and what God did.

There’s great stories in the Bible. And then, there’s also poetic books where God appeals to our heart and then there’s just times that there’s teachings, where there’s, uh, and there’s three kinds. Now, this is a quiz. So, get ready. It’s going to be on the test. There’s three kinds of saints in the Bible. There are commands. Things that we’re sup ...

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