by Kenton Beshore

Unity and Harmony
Kenton Beshore

We're continuing a series titled The Apprentice. And it is because we are going through the book, 1 Timothy, where Paul is discipling or mentoring or teaching Timothy who he worked together. Timothy and Paul worked together for about 10 years. And now Timothy is a young pastor in his late 20s, early 30s in a church at Ephesus. He is a leader there. And Ephesus is a commercial center, very important city in the Mediterranean. It's in modern day Turkey. It was a very important city, commercial center and right on the Mediterranean, beautiful city. But he has become discouraged the problems, the pressure, the people, just overwhelmed and he wants to quit. And so Paul is writing to Timothy to encourage him to stand fast and to endure. So as we learn, we get to see a model of an older man, a person who is older in the faith mentoring. We learn as those of us that are older in their faith how to mentor and to apprentice - to apprentices. And then also we get to see how Paul does that and we learn it for younger what are the things that we're to respond to.

And in this passage of scripture what he specifically does is he talks about problems in the church. Together - in Ephesus as that people got together to worship like we are today in their church, there just became problems and there was a lack of unity and love and there were disharmony. And as a result, people were not connecting with God. And they weren't connecting with God on a regular basis. And as a result, lots of bad things were happening. And so Paul is writing to Timothy and he is helping them refocus on the importance and how to manage this important thing of how to make sure that people are working together. And specifically in this passage he talks about the roles of men and women because there were some confusion in it. And as a result of it, the whole worship service had become confusing and broken down. And in fact, the passage that we're looking at today is one ...

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