by Kenton Beshore

Relational Wars
Kenton Beshore

Speaker: The book of Ephesians titled “The War of the Worlds”. I believe that there is a place of punishment between heaven and Earth. Catholics call it purgatory. I think it’s just junior high.

Audience: [laughs]

Speaker: Junior high is that painful place where we’re all just enough vulnerable when we so much wanna be liked by our friends, and there’s so many things going on we’re innocent enough, we haven’t built thick enough skins in yet, and there is that desire to be part of those inner circles, to be chosen, to be a part of the group, and just to get along, and we’re all trying to survive but in some point in junior high, we’re all voted off the island and it’s a painful experience. We’re not chosen on the team, we’re isolated out. Our friends exclude us, and it hurts. Sometimes, it’s just absolutely cruel.

I remember one time, you know, when I was in junior high, the bike to have was a Schwinn Sting- ray. That’s what everybody had, you [Indiscernible] [0:00:58.1] in those days, maybe that bike, it was great. And so, I told my parents fro Christmas, I wanted a Schwinn Sting-ray, showed them pictures, took them everywhere, and Dad, they bought this goofy bike from Sears that was kind of a Schwinn knockoff.

Audience: [laughs]

Speaker: And I can remember to junior high, just cringing, going, and when I got there my friends circled around me and it was like alligators, you know, sloping at me. They just, and I was voted of the island. My bike so did not make the cut and it was painful. I hated that bike.

Audience: [laughs]

Speaker: And we all go through those moments where all of the sudden, we’re on the one, we’re not chosen, we’re not selected, and we wish it ended in junior high but it doesn’t, does it? In every school, in every business, you know, in every part of life, every society, there are these groups of inner rings, inner circles, that choose and select people and we wanna be a part of that thing. ...

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