by Kenton Beshore

Kenton Beshore

Welcome we are glad that you are here we are gonna have so much fun. Pull out your outlines. We this last part of the summer we got to be away and so we are going through a couple lessons that I learned. Last week I talked about prayer this week I want to talk to you about this idea of together. One of the things I love about our church is how we do this. From the very beginning Laurie and I came we were here at mariners, 1978, we became the lead pastor later. All of our kids were born here, we did life together. There were lots of couples that we joined together, raised our kids together, went through the teenage years together. There were some people that were here that were one step ahead of us. They shared their life with us, their struggles, lessons that they learned. Just one step ahead they helped us do life together. Lots of us then got to do leadership together, how to do church, what a church looked like, we gave together, we served together. And together we got to learn all sorts of lessons, you were patient with me as I learned as a young pastor, we figured it out, and today I want to talk about the greatest thrill is this idea of together. The greatest thrill in life is when you understand what it means to be together. Really to be apart tat you don’t do life alone. So if your new what I love about today is we are gonna talk about what the church looks like at its best, so you know what a church is all about if you’re kinda looking in from the outside. For those of you who are here maybe not connected, I want to talk to you about why it is so important that you get connected in the church. So we are going to go thorough this sweep of scripture.

But actually to start off with I want you to think about your life and everything that you’ve been given. Cause your life is like a treasure. So I have a treasure chest and this kind of represents your life. And in every life you’ve got gold you got value. I want to talk about the ...

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