by Kenton Beshore

Lions and Fires and Kings
Kenton Beshore

Oh thank you. We are so grateful Laurie and I for the gift that you give us each year we get to get away. We will be praying for you, we will be praying for our church, and then also what God wants us to do in this next season of ministry together. As we start this next season of ministry what does God want us to study together? The thing I want you to know to is that this summer we have a great line-up of people who will come and speak to you, people who love you, who love God’s word. Jared our high school pastor is here next week with the high school band. So that will be great you’ll love him. Then Jeff priest is gonna come back and gonna speak. Doug fields will be here and ten Danny. So we got lots of great speakers for you and so I want to encourage you to be here. I know that lots of you travel during the summer. I want to encourage you to do 3 things. 1. Remember you can just follow online and keep track of the series we’re in the bible so you can get the whole series. Secondly you know God has does the greatest thing where ever you are traveling for the summer God has worked really hard to put a church there. And you can visit it. And what you’ll get to see is the family of God and what God is doing in great ways all around the country. And it is encouraging. I go to a number of different churches and so I hope that you will attend. You might see something that’s really great and you’ll go “we should go do that!” And the third thing I know that will happen is it will just make you miss us all the more. So. It will help you do that, it does that for me. So be sure to do those things and then we’ll get together in about 5, 6 weeks.

Alright so. If you would pull out your outlines we are gonna finish the Old Testament part of the bible series. You know in the mini series that was done you know over 100 million people watched the bible. Your friends, your neighbors, family members, co-workers, see they all want to ...

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