by Kenton Beshore

So This Is Christmas
Kenton Beshore

Reverend: All right. If you pull out your outlines, we’re in a series titled One. One book, one life, one story that’s going to take us all the way from Christmas to Easter, the book of Matthew. And this season of Christmas is getting exciting, isn’t it? You’ve got to love this season. Kids, the wonder of all of the decorations, gifts are appearing under the tree. That gets to be more and more exciting for kids. You have family coming back; college students are back from school which is exciting; families flying in from different parts and the excitement of being together with family because you go, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, is that beautiful song that captures the heart of every traveling person in a family going, I’ve got to be with my family at Christmas.

And then you get to reflect during the season over the past year. What has God done? And how God’s been faithful and reflection so important because it gives you a chance to look forward to the next year and say, ‘What is it that I want, God, based on what you’ve given to me?’ So we reflect over the past year.?Many of you get some time off. Maybe with family and friends so that is a unique time. And then food, right? Food’s a huge part of Christmas, right? Don’t you love it? My wife’s mother created a tradition – she’s dead now, but she created this tradition where we have prime rib on Christmas Day and so it’s a big event. Laurie’s brother makes it so there’s always this special meal. And whatever it is, there’s always something special at Christmas.

So, what makes Christmas special for you? I ask lots of people and uniquely, what people say when you think about if this was a great Christmas. A Christmas to remember. What would it take to make this a special Christmas? Ironically, most people identify a gift. You know, if I could get – it depends on where you are, if I could get this gift, if I could give this gift and of course there’s lots of people who just ki ...

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