by Kenton Beshore

Learning to Walk
Kenton Beshore

Reverend: I have to affirm you for being in church today. We cleverly put up a lot of cones just to make it more difficult for you working in conjunction with the city. So I appreciate you, and I know you're going to have a wonderful time on your way home. Last Sunday and this Sunday, we're talking about it this weekend, about getting into God's word, and last week we encouraged you to start reading the one-year Bible that's laid out - really, I love how it's laid out. Have you been doing it? Yeah, Old Testament reading and New Testament reading, a Psalm, and then a Proverb. Lots of you bought the volume. In fact, we sold 1,000 of these volumes last week, and a lot of you are doing it by the bookmark. How many of you tried just one time this week to either read out of this book or out of the Bible using the bookmark or the volume? Raise your hand. Look at this. Now the rest of you are being left out and I'm trying to tell you.

So we're coming after you, and I'm going to just unashamedly keep pushing this book at you. In fact, we have the last few hundred in the Western United States We called around and we got them. We got the last few hundred in our bookstore, so unless you're flying east of the Mississippi, you can't find one of these anywhere except for at our bookstore, and of course we've watched the price up just a little bit because they're a little bit harder to get, but one of my goals this Sunday is to encourage you to join us and by the way, for those of you who haven't started, I would not encourage you to catch up. Just start on the day. Today is the fourteenth. So if you bought one, just start on the fourteenth and if it's tomorrow, be the fifteenth, but whatever day it is, read that day so that as we connect together, we can talk about what we read that day. We see each other. It was fun for me this week. I'm going to share some examples, but it was fun to see you and talk about what we read together and bei ...

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