by Rex Yancey

Ye Serve The Lord Christ
Rex Yancey
Colossians 3:23-24

Perspective is important in anything that we do. Perspective is that point of view from which we consider a thing.

A person may look at the behavior of someone else's child and say, "No child of mine will ever do that!" But he may change his mind when he has children of his own.

One author wrote a book on Ten Commandments on Raising Children. He got married and had a child of his own. He changed the title to Ten Suggestions on Raising Children. He had another child and quit writing altogether!

Many times we look for the easy way out. There was a young man who was a freshman in college. He was taking twelve difficult hours and needed three more hours. He was sharing this with some of the people he had met on campus. They said, "What you need is a sop course." He had never heard of a sop course.

They told him there was a course offered in zoology that would be easy and would help him pull up his quality points. He signed up for the course on birds. He had to buy and expensive text book. He was instructed in his first class meeting to write a 25 page paper. None is this seemed like a sop course to him.

The next day he came to class and was given a test paper. It had fifty pair of bird legs and a caption under each that said, "Identify each." He was fed up. He gathered his books and headed for the door. The professor said, "Young man, what is your name?" He stopped, pulled his britches legs up to his knees and said, "You tell me?"

In our text tonight, Paul offers a perspective for Christian service. He tells the Christian slaves "to obey their master." The slaves were to do an honest day's work and not just when the master was watching. They were to put their heart into their work. Here is the point: A day's work done willingly and with integrity is in fact done for the Lord. It would be a testimony of grace.

Paul gave us a perspective when he said, "Ye serve the Lord Chris ...

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