by Jerry Watts

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The Myths (2 of 4)
Series: Purpose Living for a New Year
Jerry Watts
Matthew 16:13-19

(NOTE: I am indebted to Dr. Gene Mimms, Dr. Thom Rainer, and Dr Rick Warren for their writings that assisted greatly with this series of messages)

• Shortly after I became your pastor I took a trip to Saddleback for 2 conferences in one week. One conference was "Preaching for Life-Change" and the other was "The Purpose-Driven Church." Shortly before I left someone said to me that Rick Warren was a "New-Ager." I then discovered a recent book called "Deceived On Purpose" had given Dr. Warren that title. So, on the plane to California I read the book. That caused me to enter the conferences with the 'red-flag' of "New Age" philosophy waving high. I made two observations: 1) the writer of the book seemed to have a larger issue with Rick using multiple translations and paraphrases as opposed to the KJV than with PD, and 2) Rick Warren and Saddleback love God, His word, and preach the gospel of sin, repentance, rebirth, Jesus' death, burial and resurrection for salvation. I also heard, first hand, that Rick and Saddleback didn't invent 'living on purpose', they just lifted the concepts from God's word.

• We are talking about Purpose/vision/mission. Sometimes purposes are confusing and different.

• Story of Yogi Berra and Hank Aaron - Yogi was also a talker behind the plate. He used to talk to the opposing batters in order to distract them. Hank Aaron tells the story about the 1958 World Series, with Yogi behind the plate. Yogi kept telling Aaron to 'hit with the label up on the bat'. Finally Aaron turned and said "Yogi, I came up here to hit, not to read."

• Then there is the story of Rich Man who bought mom a $50,000 bird with a 40,000 word vocabulary. It cost a lot of money. He had it delivered and the next day he called and ask "How'd you like the bird?" She responded, "I just loved it, it tasted GREAT!"

• There should be no confusion over purpose/v ...

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