by Joe Alain

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Change for Good (11 of 14)
Series: Acts
Joe Alain
Acts 10:34-36, 43-46

A Self-Evident Truth

Your willingness to grow, to change determines what kind of impact you will make for good on people the few short years that you are on this planet. Change for good is self-evident and true in every area of our lives. Your ability to grow, to change impacts the field that you work in. If you continue to grow, to adapt, to change, to learn, your vocation will more than likely remain fresh, you will enjoy your work more, and consequently you will make a greater impact on your job.

If you have a positive attitude towards learning, if you're open to grow, you will probably enjoy school more, it will be more rewarding and you will have a better overall experience. In your relationships, if you remain open to change, to learn some new skills, to grow, your relationships can grow and be more enjoyable rather than becoming stagnant. One of the keys to healthy relationships is your ability to grow, to learn some new skills, to change. Healthy personal relationships, solid marriages, parenting skills, these are not dropped down from on high, they are learned and they can be improved, and if you will let God work in your life and remain open to change, if you will seek to learn some new skills, your relationships can improve, your parenting can be more of a joy.

This truth of changing for the good is also evident in our spiritual growth, our spiritual relationships. Your willingness to let God work, to grow, to change determines what kind of Christian life you will experience, and what kind of impact you will make in the lives of people for the Lord. Jesus came to give us life and life to the full (Jn. 10:10), but we have to let God work, we have to be willing to change to experience God's abundant life.

We see this principle of Change for good at work in the life of Peter. Peter, we know him as impulsive, he tends to engage his mouth before his brain, he's a littl ...

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