by J. Gerald Harris

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Theopneustos - The God-Breathed Word (6 of 9)
Series: Missions
J. Gerald Harris
2 Timothy 3:16-17

"The Bible is the Book above and beyond all books as a river is beyond a rill in reach, as the sun is beyond a tallow candle in brightness, as a orchard is beyond a twig in fruit bearing, as Niagara is beyond a mud puddle in glory. Of the written Word it is written, "Thy testimonies are wonderful" (Psalm 119: 129). Of the living Word, Jesus, it is written: "His shall be called Wonderful" (Isaiah 9: 6). Seventy times seven is four hundred and ninety, but that number does not equal all the wonders in the Bible, of the Bible and by the Bible." 15 - Robert G. Lee

Flying in airplanes once provided a fascination and a thrill for me. I was enthralled each time I boarded some sleek, "silver bird" to fly to some distant city. No longer am I enamored with the thought of flying at 35,000 feet above terra firma.

Those occasional reports of airline disasters have dampened my enthusiasm for getting airborne any more than necessity requires. Then, of course, there are periodic reports of bizarre things happening like the commercial airliner that had to land on top of a levee near New Orleans years ago. One commercial carrier had a plane that had a portion of the fuselage ripped off during a flight. Several years ago in a parking lot near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, an eight-foot piece of an engine cover was found. Having become dislodged from the plane during take off, it had fallen harmlessly to the ground.

More recently, an airplane left the Atlanta airport for a transcontinental flight to Portland, Oregon only to realize that one of the tires had blown out during take-off. The apparent solution to that problem was flying 160 passengers around Atlanta for three hours to use up the fuel before landing back at the same airport. But, such incidents only cause apprehension and trepidation. When an individual chooses to travel by air and then re ...

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