by J. Gerald Harris

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A Rushing, Mighty Wind (8 of 9)
Series: Missions
J. Gerald Harris
Acts 2:1-4

"The Holy Spirit does not come into the believer's life to fill him, to possess him, to empower him, unless the believer invites Him in. This act of inviting the Spirit into the life and giving Him complete possession of every power of the soul, the will included, is the crowning act of faith. This is not necessary to salvation, but it is necessary to power in service. No one can have the power he needs without this infilling. No one has this fullness of the Spirit as a matter of course. The infilling is received when the believer consciously lays hold of Christ and by faith claims this covenant blessing."17 J. B. Lawrence

In November of 1904 a mighty revival swept through the little principality of Wales. Some years before the Welsh revival, however, a teenager by the name of Evan Roberts heard F. B. Meyer preach on the need of a spiritual awakening. In that service young Roberts made a commitment to pray earnestly for revival. For thirteen years he sought the face of God continually and asked for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Evan Roberts felt the call to preach and began to prepare himself educationally and theologically by enrolling in a preparatory school in New Castle. The burden for revival was so great that he left school and went home to Loughor and found a church where he began to hold prayer meetings for revival. Without any promotion or advertisement, people began coming to make their supplications known to God, asking God for a fresh touch of heaven upon their lives.

As earnest, agonizing cries went up to God from the people night after night the mercy drops of blessing began to fall. Subsequently a mighty revival swept into the land like a flood tide.

The sense of God's presence was overwhelming. The public meetings of worship were marked by a fire and fervor. The spiritual awakening was characterized by the most contrite confessions of sin. The moral c ...

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