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Are You at Home? (3 of 8)
Series: Summer in the Psalms
Jeff Lynn
Psalm 15

TEXT: PSALM 15 (recite it)

I want you to think about the person you would MOST like to meet.
Now, imagine that a week from today you are going to get to not only meet them, but you are going to get to spend some time with them.

Isn't that what you want to do with someone you greatly admire or who you would want to meet? Spend time with them? Perhaps be comfortable with them to the point that you could sit down and chat for a while?

What about them becoming close friends with you?
Wouldn't that be an exciting possibility?

Now; what if you knew that you had an appointment with God a week from now; not in heaven but on earth?

What if you knew that 3 times a year you were going to make a significant trip to meet with God?

What preparations would you make?
That is kind of the essence of this psalm.

Now, when I grew up, great preparation was made for Sundays.

We always took baths on Saturday night and got our clothes out to wear, which were always the nicest clothes we had.
I can remember dad polishing our shoes.

I can remember a fine looking leisure suit I used to wear as a young adolescent.

We would always make sure that we had read our "quartilies"; which was our Sunday School lesson for that day.

Mom would always put a roast in the oven along with whole potatoes and carrots that we would have when we got home.

Sunday was always a day that was set aside as we went to "worship".

Training Union on Sunday nights, etc.

This past week when we had the funeral for my mom, we had it at the church that I grew up in from the time I was 2 years old.

Being there brought back some of these memories that I had of us highlighting Sundays.

So, we made preparations every week to go to what was known as "worship".

But here, David is speaking of meeting at the "tabernacle" of God on rare occasions.

Some believe that this psalm, al ...

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