by Stephen Whitney

The Child Promised
Stephen Whitney
Isaiah 7:1-16

During the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union after Word War II the U.S. was concerned about the expansion of Communism in Latin America. In April 1961 President Kennedy allowed the CIA to invade Cuba to over- through Fidel Castro and the Communist government. The invasion called the Bay of Pigs became a disaster with many of the men killed and the rest captured.

It left Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev and his advisers with the impression that Kennedy was indecisive and, as one Soviet adviser wrote, ''too young, intellectual, not prepared well for decision making in crisis situations . . .''

In addition, Khrushchev's impression of Kennedy's weakness was confirmed by the President's soft response during the Berlin Crisis when the Soviets built the Berlen Wall which divided the city into East and West Berlin. Speaking to Soviet officials in the aftermath of the crisis, he asserted, ''I know for certain that Kennedy doesn't have a strong background, nor, generally speaking, does he have the courage to stand up to a serious challenge.''

The result was that in October 1962 the Soviets built nine missile sites that could launch nuclear warheads at the United States and for 14 days there was a tense standoff with the Soviet Union which was called the Cuban Missile Crisis. The two countries stood on the brink of all out nuclear war.

The Chinese word for crisis combines two characters: one character is ''danger'' and the other is ''opportunity.'' The Chinese word means that ''danger is an opportunity'' which can result in success or failure. For the believer a crisis is some trial that happens in your life which gives you the opportunity to show your faith in God to others.

A crisis is an opportunity for your faith to be demonstrated.

Present Crisis :1-2

Around 800 B.C. there was civil war between the nation of Israel in the north and the nat ...

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