by Eddie Snipes

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The Promise of a Sound Mind (2 of 21)
Series: The Promise of a Sound Mind
Eddie Snipes

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

A sound mind. Is there anything more important to us as individuals? Some would say health, but without emotional health, life loses its passion. Many things affect our mental and emotional health. There are legitimate medical causes which can affect our emotional well-being, but this series will focus on the causes and effects we can control. Plus, many physical causes begin with our attitudes and state of mind.

It's a medical fact that stress can cause physical problems. It has been directly linked to ulcers, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, breakdowns in our immune systems, and many other symptoms. If we treat the symptoms, but never address the root cause, we are fighting a losing battle.

Stress is like juggling. Almost anyone can keep one ball in motion. Most people can keep two balls in the air. A few people can coordinate three. As each new ball is added, it requires more skill and concentration from the juggler. Some performances are mind-blowing. There are jugglers who can keep twelve balls up, but those types of coordinated people are rare. However, even the most skilled juggler has limitations. Toss in one ball too many and what happens? Do something which overloads the juggler's concentration and what happens? What would happen if the juggler wasn't allowed to stop? Eventually the balls are coming down. It's not if; it's when. It will either be a graceful ending, or a collapse - and all the balls will be bouncing in every direction.

What if something unexpected comes in and rams the juggler? There isn't enough skill to keep juggling when someone is unexpectedly knocked off their feet.

This is your life. You may be skilled at multitasking. You may be someone who can handle a lot of stress. Or you may be the one ball juggler that doesn' ...

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