by Eddie Snipes

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Setting Our Emotional Table (15 of 21)
Series: The Promise of a Sound Mind
Eddie Snipes

Every day we set the table for the emotions that feed our attitude. We either dine on positive or negative emotions. Either we determine that we'll face life with a bad attitude or a good one. Do you feast off a positive attitude? Or dumpster dive into negative emotions?

Each of us sets the stage for how we respond to each situation by our attitudes. Do you begin a task with grumbling about everything you don't like? Does the day begin by murmuring and complaining? How much joy do you think this is going to create in your life? A negative attitude does not change any circumstance; it merely makes it harder to bear.

Life is filled with things we don't like and situations we'd rather not have to deal with. When approaching a difficulty with a good attitude, the results are much more likely to have a good outcome. If we approach life with a negative attitude, negative results will follow. Even if there is a successful outcome, there will still be little joy or satisfaction. A poor mind-set blinds us to the good we can glean from every situation.

Not one of us can eliminate unwanted circumstances that arise in life. None of us can avoid the tough breaks. We all have to do things we don't enjoy - and sometimes we have to do the things we hate. Though we can't avoid problems in life, every one of us can control how we approach them.

Life isn't fair, but this doesn't mean we are destined to an unfair outcome. A bad attitude always makes unwanted situations worse. It never makes it better. Let me repeat this. A bad attitude never once made anything in anyone's life better.

The same cannot be said about a good attitude. A good attitude enables us to make the most out of every situation - whether it be good or bad. Consider your job. Whether you are a homemaker or labor in the workforce, daily you are faced with tasks you do not like doing. These are tasks which must ...

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