by Eddie Snipes

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Living Out These Truths (21 of 21)
Series: The Promise of a Sound Mind
Eddie Snipes

When you try to live by these principles, there will be times you'll fall short. The temptation is to give up, but you must make this a lifelong effort. God has promised His greatest rewards to those who overcome. Overcoming does not mean we just make a one-time change. Sometimes we must wrestle against our weaknesses. It can be a slow transition from harmful habits and behaviors to healthy ones.

One day you will feel successful, then someone will do or say something that will stir up negative feelings. You'll slip right back into your old ways of acting and it will discourage you. That's okay. We all struggle with the same problem. Stop trying to accomplish godly principles through the flesh. The Bible says that we are changed into Christ's likeness as we behold His glory. Focus on your relationship with Christ and rest in grace. Then take grace and share it with others.

Overcomers are not those who are invincible, but those who get knocked down, brush off, and get back up again. An overcomer is someone who refuses to let the flesh remain in control of their lives. It's not falling down that defeats the person. Not getting back up is what causes defeat.

You will blow it, and when you do, don't toss your hands up and say, "I tried." Refocus your eyes on what is eternal, change your perspective to walking in the Spirit, and begin again. Every day is a new challenge, but also a new start.

Unforgiveness and self-centered fixations are two of the great robbers of joy. Unforgiveness quickly festers into anger and bitterness. These strip our minds of peace and strain our relationships to the breaking point.

Becoming fixated on ourselves also festers into many internal struggles. When I'm focused on myself to the point where I'm evaluating right and wrong based on how things cater to my will, the world always appears out of balance.

Let's explain the idea of 'self' ...

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