by Fred Lowery

Christmas Grace
Fred Lowery
Titus 2:11; John 8:4-7, 10-11; Eph. 2:8-9; Phil 4:13

Dr. Fred Lowery: On my way in, I overheard a mom telling her child ''Your shoes are on the wrong feet.'' The child said ''Mom, these are the only feet I have.'' (laughing) Kids just say the ... it's amazing. I just love the way kids, out of the mouth of babes. But let me tell you my favorite story that I told you years ago. When LahLah, Laura Leigh was I don't know, three, four years old. It was a Sunday morning and we were going to lunch with them and so I got in their car, and Laura Leigh was in the baby seat and Laura Leigh said to me ''Doc, Doc, I saw you on television this morning.''

And I kind of squared my shoulders, and I said ''You did?'' She said ''Yeah, we were looking for the weather.'' (laughing) Out of the mouth of children. What do you preach on the last sermon as pastor? I - you know I've thought about that for weeks and then quit thinking about it because I didn't know what to preach on. Several of you suggested sermons from the past that I might preach, but I was just - didn't know.

So on our way back from Galveston ... we were there over the Thanksgiving with Shelby and her family, her in laws and so on the way home from Galveston I'm driving through a little Texas town. And I stopped at a traffic light and looked over there, and it was a church and a sign said Grace Baptist Church, and then it said Experience Christmas at Grace. And I thought, Lord, is that from you? Maybe that's from You. Experience Christmas at Grace. I think you may want me to preach me on experience Christmas grace.

I never preached on that before, Christmas grace. Grace is God's plan for saving the world. It's the most radical concept that's been ever introduced in time, in all of time. Grace, radical grace. You know, we use that acrostic ... G-R-A-C-E, God's riches at Christ's expense. In our human minds we cannot even comprehend what that means by the riches of God. We can't ...

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