by Joe Alain

Mary's Song, The Revolution Is Here!
Joe Alain
Luke 1:46-55

Mary's song is beautiful but It's easy to get caught up in the beauty of the poetry and music and yet fail to perceive just how radical the revolutionary song of Mary actually is. Don't just listen to the music, listen to the words! Many Bible scholars have commented on the revolutionary character of Mary's song and have concluded that the Magnificat is one of the most revolutionary documents in Scripture.

Stanley Jones, a famous preacher of several generation ago, said that the Magnificat is "the most revolutionary document in the world." Geldenhese, a Dutch theologian said that the Magnificat "announces powerful revolutionary principles." Murrow, another theologian talks about the "revolutionary germ" found in the Magnificat.

William Barclay, an English theologian said that people have read it so often that they have forgotten its "revolutionary terror." It takes "the standards of the world and turns them upside down." He goes on to say that in the Magnificat there are three revolutions: "an economic revolution; a political revolution; and a moral revolution." Martin Luther said that the Magnificat "comforts the lowly but terrifies the rich."

When the angel Gabriel (1:26) told Mary that she was going to have a child who would be the Son of God and reign over the house of Jacob forever (1:32-ff.), she naturally was surprised and wondered, "How can this be?" (1:34). Gabriel's answer was that the Holy Spirit would come upon her so that the chid's conception would be miraculous and divine. He then gave Mary the added assurance that "with God nothing will be impossible" (1:37) and by telling her that God was already doing the impossible. Her relative Elizabeth who was old and barren was also expecting (1:36).

According to Luke 1:39-ff., Mary went to see Elizabeth. This trip from Nazareth to a Judean city in the vicinity of Jerusalem would involve a distance of some 80 miles, a long journe ...

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