by Jeff Schreve

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The Savior Has Come (1 of 3)
Series: Do You Hear What I Hear?
Jeff Schreve
Luke 2

A 90 year-old man went to the doctor. The doctor did a complete physical on him. And then, after the physical, he sat down with him in his counseling room and he talked to him about his report. The 90 year-old man listened, nodded, thanked the doctor, and went on his way. A week later, the doctor is out at this fancy dinner place that had a dance floor, and he's eating dinner with his wife. And he sees out on the dance floor this 90 year-old man just cutting it up with a 25 year-old blonde bombshell. And, I mean, he is just getting after it. And it's just like, ''Wow!'' And the doctor watches him. And then, after the songs over, he grabbed the guy. He pulls him over here and he says, ''What are you doing?'' He said, ''Oh, just doing what you told me, doc.'' He said, ''Well, what did you hear me tell you?'' He said, ''Well, you told me to get a hot mama and be cheerful.'' He said, ''I did not. I said you have a heart murmur; be careful'' (laughter). It's one of my favorite jokes (laughter).

We're starting a new series for this season, for Christmastime, entitled, ''Do You Hear What I Hear?'' You know, Christmas is filled with wonderful announcements, incredible announcements; announcements from heaven, announcements from wise men. And we hear them, but we've gotten so used to them that we don't hear them. And they don't really register like they're supposed to register. And so, as we look at this series and discuss this series for the next three weeks leading up to Christmas Day, I want you to hear them again for the very first time. I think that used to be a Corn Flakes commercial, ''Taste them again for the very first time.'' Hear what the angel said for the very first time, because they're life-changing announcements. Hey, wouldn't you love to have your life changed? Wouldn't you love to leave this place and you're like, ''Man, I feel like a brand new person. I feel like a ...

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