by Joe Alain

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A Marriage Made 'By' Heaven (9 of 10)
Series: Ephesians
Joe Alain
Ephesians 5:21-33

Gender, marriage, and sexuality, these are huge issues in our culture today. Every day there's some news story related to one of these issues. We've been in a series of sermons from Ephesians and we come today to a section of Scripture that may be the most controversial in the New Testament and certainly hotly debated in our day. All most people hear in this passage is that little word, ''submit'' and you lose them from that point on. There's much more to this passage than what we first see.

The family today, your family faces serious threats, some from within due to our sinful nature, and some from without due to a culture that doesn't know God and makes up the rules as they go. This might have been the picture of the idealized family at one time (picture of the cleaver family), although probably not too many of us lived like the cleavers. And this where we are in many respects today (picture of ''Modern Family''), this has become the new norm. Speaking of the ideal marriage, you may heard that it was said that Adam and Eve had the ideal marriage. Adam didn't have to hear all about the men Eve could've married, and Eve didn't have to hear all about the dishes Adam's mother cooked.

We live in challenging times as our culture continues to slide towards moral relativism. And we're not going to get a lot of help on how to live godly from the world. But if we will be open, God has a lot to say that will help us build strong, healthy, and joyful marriages.

As Paul has been dealing with the Christian life it is only natural for him to address the subject of marriage and family which he does in Ephesians 5:21-33. God has something to say to each of us today, even if you're not married. Some of you may be married in a few years, others have influence on people in your life that are married.

Before we plunge in, we readily admit that we often fall short of God's ideal. ...

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