by Christopher Harbin

Example to Others
Christopher Harbin
Titus 1:5-16

We often speak of people who are great examples to follow, people we hold up as models, ideals, examples of social and cultural success. We look to people who embody one or other traits we wish to see in ourselves of in our children. We point them out as the goal of what we and others should strive to become. Often enough, however, our perception and definition of examples are very limited in scope. We tend to fixate on one or two attributes and miss the larger picture of what we might should consider a primary target for our lives. How much do we really wish to embody the character and identity of Christ Jesus? How visible to we want him in our lives and in that of our children and friends?

In San Francisco, plans are underway to transform the city this week into an image of Gotham City in keeping with the traditions of Batman. A five-year-old boy who has been battling cancer made a wish to a foundation that he might be Batman for a day. People have honored that wish, and unexpected numbers are moving to make that dream a reality. They identify with this young boy's ideal of becoming like his hero, Batman. He will be given the opportunity to rescue people from a mock accident. He will receive phone calls from the chief of police asking for his assistance and directing him to locations where he will locate and capture the Riddler and Penguin. He will be equipped with a Batman suit and Batman gear. Adam West, actor of the original TV Batman, will be present to honor this boy's dream and vision of his hero. People are flying in from around the world to participate in this mock reality of a hero and to help make him real for this young boy.

Imagine if our dreams and visions of becoming more like Jesus Christ could harness that level of energy and excitement. When I mentioned it to my family, they were ready to pack their bags and head out to San Francisco. They got excited about turning San F ...

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