by Duane Bemis

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Joy Comes in the Morning (3 of 3)
Series: Joy Comes in the Morning
Duane Bemis

Chapter Nine: Preparing for Heaven

This is the most exciting chapter in the book. You better get ready to cry some more as you read about what happened to me after God's healing. Reunion can happen at the gates of Heaven while walking down the streets of Gold. Are you ready to hear my story?

After I finished God's plan for healing and I had finished the letter's to both my children I had a vision. The next night and as I stepped into the shower a vision began to play in my mind. The vision was so real, full of color, and beyond your wildest dream.

The Lord had two angels usher me into Heaven. I will try to give you the best human description that I can. My words will fail to truly give you the glory that I beheld that night. The fact of the matter is I could not even sleep until I wrote down this experience.

• Are you ready?

• Do you have your tissues ready?

• Are you ready to let go of death to see and feel Heaven?

• The name of this vision, given to me by a grace Heavenly Father is:

Welcome Home Daddy

The vision started as these two angels came and escorted me through this dark space yet toward the light. We traveled very fast; to me it was like a dark corridor but more tube like in design. We did not walk and it did not feel like we were flying. It felt more like I was on some sort of spiritual conveyor belt. At the end of the transport I stood on the greenest grass I had ever seen. I could see a path near the river and the angels took me by the arm to escort me. They never spoke an audible word yet I understood their words in my mind. I tried to look around but the angels keep me focus on the pathway. The flowers and the grass were of vibrant colors. Once again I want to stop and look around but the angels kept me moving forward. They seemed to know where we were to be and that we needed to hurry. Once again I looked at the grass and noticed that no ...

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