by Ernest Easley

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How to Manage our Stress (1 of 5)
Series: The Commotion of Emotions
Dr. Ernest Easley
2 Corinthians 7:2-7

Tonight we are beginning a new Sunday night series of practical messages under the heading: The Commotion of Emotions. I believe that over the next several Sunday nights that God is going to use these messages to not only strengthen us, but to stabilize us emotionally!

Now we Baptist tend not to want to talk about our emotions, as though God did not give them to us, but the truth is that God has given each one of us a set of emotions. We may all show our emotions differently, but we all have them. Sometimes our emotions can either get us into trouble or keep us out of trouble, depending how we use them.

So for the next several Sunday nights, from God's Word, we're going to discover what God has to say to us about The Commotion of Emotions, after all, He gave them to us. But like everything God has given us, Satan enjoys taking those things that God has given us for good to help us, and using them for bad to hurt us.

You will not want to miss worship the next five Sunday nights as we learn from God's Word how to manage and deal with five emotions that often times cause so much commotion in our lives such as: STRESS, ANGER, FEAR, WORRY and LONELINESS.

Now turn with me to 2 Corinthians 7 where we're going to learn together How to Manage our Stress and I do mean "manage it," because there is no eliminating stress. The only people I know who are not stressed are in cemeteries.

Some stress is good. Too much stress is bad. Some stress is healthy, it keeps you on your toes and out of trouble. Some stress is unhealthy and can send you to an early grave. Stress is like a wife: it will either make you or break you and how we need to learn how to manage our stress.

Well, the apostle Paul experienced stress and plently of it. In fact, here in 2 Corinthians 7, he not only describes it, but helps us in managing it. Let's read about it ...

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