by Marvin D. Patterson

The Betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot
Marvin Patterson
Matthew 26: 14-25

One Christmas morning, many years ago, at about 8:30, the telephone rang in a Pastor’s home. A lady, on the other end of the line, who wouldn't give her name, said, Preacher, I have a neighbor who has 3 children, and there isn't anything in their house to eat this Christmas morning. They have no toys for the children, and I thought that it must be an awful experience for her, and the children. The pastor obtained their address, and with the help of some members of his church, they collected toys, presents, and a Christmas turkey dinner for them.

After they presented the family with these Christmas treats, they got ready to leave. However, before they left, the pastor noticed that the children's father was not around. He asked the mother about her husband, and she informed him that he was serving time in the penitentiary for attempted murder and robbery. The pastor then asked, "How is it that you don't happen to have any money at all in your house?" She replied, "Well, our Social Security check didn't come, and I guess it was because they are so busy at Christmas time that they didn't get it out on time." The pastor paused for a moment, and asked, "So, your husband is really responsible for the heartache these children are going to remember as long as they live?" The lady looked tearfully to the preacher, and said, "Yes, yes, my husband was never a Christian. He belonged to the church, but he never became a Christian. I guess that you could say that 'he sold Jesus out!'"


In our study of the Scriptures last week, we ended up on a good note of Mary of Bethany anointing the Body of Jesus Christ for His burial even before Jesus died on the Cross. We also remember that it was Judas Iscariot who led in the murmuring and complaining that such a waste of money had been made in the purchase of this expensive perfume. His suggestion was that the money be used ...

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