by Lenny Ports

The River of God
Lenny Ports


Last week we talked about God being the Lord of the Breakthrough! In the midst of battle with the Philistines, God broke through for David and his enemies were destroyed. David replied after the battle by saying, "God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water." (1 Chronicles 14:8)

How many know, God is the Lord of the Breakthrough. He is the master of breakthroughs in our lives. Too many times, we find ourselves in situations whether we got ourselves there or the enemy was on the attack, and there seemed to be no way out, and suddenly something happens that could have only been God's hand moving on our behalf to defeat our enemy and to bring victory in our lives.

How many times did we pray for God to provide that payment that we couldn't make?

How many times did we see God come through when we prayed for things to turn out well?

How many times have we been in vicarious situations, various trials, or venomous attacks and seen God just completely come through for us?

Listen, if God can break the night every morning when the sun rises, God can break through on your behalf every time you are in an impossible situation.

God moves the entire earth (which weighs 13 octillion pounds = 13 with 24 zeros on the end of it) with the spin of His finger so that you can have sunlight break through your dark night every day.

How can He not come through for you? You are His treasure and the object of His affection.

He is the Master of Breakthrough, yes, but there is more....

Remember what David said, "God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water."


There is a FLOW from God, there is a RIVER that flows from God. This river brings LIFE wherever it flows. It removes the blockages and the barriers that keep us from God and keep God from us.

We look for this flow each and every time we gather. Holy Spirit flow, River of God flow. ...

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