by Fred Lowery

7 Things To Remember
Dr. Fred Lowery
2 Corinthians 12:9

It just hit me all of a sudden that I really have 2 sermons left to do and I wasn't quite ready for that-- knowing what would I -- what would I preach -- what would I say if I was going to preach 2 more sermons to the best church in the country and I thought, you know, one thing I would like to do is I would like to just talk about some things that I would want you to remember that have been woven into sermons for 30 years -- practical things that can make a difference in our lives and would encourage you. How many of you need encouragement -- let me see your hand. How many of you have just had all of the encouragement you can stand --- let me see your hand. So, I wanted to just, you know, mention some things that would encourage you in your faith. So I came up with 25 things and then I thought, you know, they won't stay with me that long. They may that first Sunday because they can't -- they'll feel bad about leaving but they won't come back the next Sunday so I'll just have one Sunday if I do 25 points. So I decided to cut it down to 12 but I've known you for 30 years. I know that won't work either. You can't handle 12 points. So then I thought, well, 7 --that's the number of completion-- perfection so surely we can make it through 7 points. So, that's what we're gonna do and we begin by encouraging you to remember that the Christian life is a journey and God gives you the grace you need for that journey. I call it what? Trouble grace-- trouble grace because on this journey you're gonna have trouble. How many you have either had a problem or you know somebody who's had a problem-- let me see your hand. See what I mean -- 100%! We're gonna have some struggles. We're gonna have some hard times. We need to expect adversity in our lives. We do live in a fallen world. Bad things happen to good people all the time. But here's the good news -- whatever you have to face -- whatever you have to handle in life ...

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