by Fred Lowery

The Future of Our Past
Dr. Fred Lowery
Isaiah 43:18-19; 1 Thess. 5:12-13; Heb. 13:7-8

We, you know, we thought that today would be my last sermon, and that's what I thought and that's what Leigh thought so she bailed out on me...said she'd cried enough--she was going to see the grandkids so she's in Austin with- with the grandkids. But I--I will preach on --on December the 8th and several of you asked about last Sunday's sermon--about getting a CD of that and you can get that in the back, back there after the service or of today's message.

Has a pastor ever loved a church more than I love you? I don't think so -- maybe as much but certainly not more. And will I always love you and be eternally grateful for the privilege and the joy to pastor you for these 30 years? Absolutely. And it is because I love you so much that I'm not gonna preach to you this morning. I'm gonna talk to you. I'd much rather preach and it's a lot easier to preach but I wanna talk to you about the future. Today, the title of the message- the talk--"The Future of Our Past"--"The Future of Our Past" and my thesis is you can't create the future by clinging to the past. Some of you ought to write that down--you ought to write that down. You can't create the future by clinging to the past. We are not saluting history. We are making it and that's exciting.

As you've heard, next Sunday Pastor Brad begins his first series and it will be an 8 week series and I encourage you to be in every one of those -- listen to every sermon. Don't miss a Sunday because I know you want to encourage him and that's the way you encourage him by being here and by being a part of the service. In recent weeks I've had the privilege to spend lots of time with Pastor Brad. We've spent many, many hours together and had many, many long talks -- we've prayed together and laughed together and talked about life and church. We've had him in our home and every day we are together I love him more and believe more in th ...

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