by Ernest Easley

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Seven Bible Facts about the Rapture (3 of 3)
Series: Second Coming
Dr. Ernest Easley

It happens nearly everyday! We wake up to the news of another tragedy, another senseless shooting, to another murder leaving us asking, "Can it get any worse?"

On the political front: Washington is divided over healthcare, unanswered questions concerning Benghazi, we nearly launch an attack on Syria and somehow Russian President Putin steps in and saves the day.

On the home front: Thirteen states have now embraced the gay agenda, which has already conquered Hollywood, is now looking to take every state of the union making same-sex marriage just an alternative life-style.

On the economic front: Though the stock market is soaring and the price of gold is at an all-time high, so is our national debt. As Washington continues printing money, keeping interest rates low, many economic analysts are predicting a financial crash in our future.

On the Christian Front: Churches are struggling to keep their ministries going and the millennial generation has a greater depth of lostness than any previous generation in American History.

I recently heard the President of Goldengate Seminary in California speak about the challenge of training ministers to deal with their state's new laws regarding same-sex marriage and how it impacts their churches.

"What happens," he asked, "When you have two married women and one of them comes to Jesus in salvation and wants to be baptized and join your church? How does the church respond?"

Or, when an eight year old boy comes to VBS and gives his heart to Jesus, and on family night, his two fathers that are married to each other, show up. How does the church respond?

That's the world we are living in today! That's the world we have been called to be "the salt and the light" in. As we reach out in Jesus' name to a deceived, dark and dying world remember this: one of these days Jesus is coming again and when He does, He ...

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