by Jeff Schreve

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Practical Atheism? (2 of 6)
Series: Shine: How to Live the Christian Life in an Unchristian World
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Daniel 2:1-30, 46-49

Atheism is the belief that there is no God. Atheism comes from the Greek. A, which means no or not and Theos, which means God. You put them together and you get no God. And an atheist is someone who says, "There is no God. I believe there is no God." Now I want to just check to see how many in this room would say, "Jeff, I believe there is no God," can I see your hand? Don't be afraid. You believe there is no God. Nobody! I don't see any hands up. There's no one in this room. There are probably very few people watching on TV or listening on radio that would put their hands up and say, "Yeah, I don't believe there's a God." There might be some, but only a few. And you don't have a lot of "atheists" in the church, but atheism is a big problem in the church. Not intellectual atheism, not people who say, "I don't believe there is no God." It's people who live like there is no God - practical atheism! It plagues churches all over America. Practical atheism - living like there is no God.

I heard about a little boy, and he was coming home from church. He was in the back seat with his Mom and Dad and he was crying. And his Dad said to him, "Son, what's the matter? Why are you crying?" He said, "Well, Dad, the preacher said that every child should grow up in a home where it's a godly Christian home." He said, "Yeah, son, that's good. What's wrong with that?" He said, "Well, Dad, I want to grow up with you and Mom" (laughter). You just got that now. Some of you didn't like that joke. Hey, practical atheism - it can hit us to where our kids don't know, do we really live like there is a God? One of the key ways to check yourself to see if you've fallen into the trap of practical atheism is to take a little test. First question: First question has to do with prayer. An atheist doesn't pray. And a practical atheist doesn't really pra ...

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