by Jeff Schreve

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The Lion Tamer (6 of 6)
Series: Shine: How to Live the Christian Life in an Unchristian World
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Daniel 6:1-28

Many of you remember John Madden as the legendary football coach and now the announcer and video game guy with "Madden Football." And John Madden was coach of the Oakland Raiders back in the day, back in the 70s. He won a Super Bowl in l976. He was one of the youngest coaches ever at 32 years of age. There's a story told about Madden and referee Jim Tunney. Jim Tunney was known as one of the greatest NFL officials. He was in the officiating business for decades. And he was doing a Raiders' game, and it was before the game. And Madden was there on the sidelines. And Tunney was there. And he said, "Hey, Jim, come here." He said, "I want to welcome you to the game today, doing our game in Oakland." He said, "I want you to know that the coaches here on the Oakland Raiders, we think you're the second best official in the National Football League." And Tunney was like, "Well, thanks, coach. That's really nice." And so he went on. And then it kind of started working on him, and he's like, "I wonder who the first is?" So he went back to Madden and he says, "Hey, Coach Madden," he goes, "just curious. Who's the first?" He said, "Well, it's a tie between the 89 other referees in the league (laughter). Kind of a mean, little compliment there! The truth of the matter is Jim Tunney was called "The Dean" of the NFL referees. John Madden put him on his All-Madden team for referees. He was a guy who really stood out.

Now we've been in the Book of Daniel for the last several weeks in a series we've called "Shine: How to Live the Christian Life in an Unchristian World." And that was Daniel. Daniel was a guy, when he was just about 15 years old; he was taken from his homeland in Judah in Jerusalem. And he was taken by King Nebuchadnezzar when Babylon took over and became the world power. And they took captives back, and Daniel and his three friends ...

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