by David Davis

God's Formula for Going Forward
Dr. David Davis
Acts 5:42

I. Consistency Must Be The Character of Your Commitment
Your commitment to the Lord -- to the Lord's work -- must be characterized by consistency. All through the Bible -- we read that God's people did certain things on a daily basis. In fact -- the apostle Paul made it a point of personal application when he stated "I die daily." (I Cor. 15:31)

These new Christians -- everyday -- everywhere they went -- they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

Consistency must mark the character of your commitment.

So often - we witness - give - support the church's ministries -- only when it is convenient.

Did you know that what you are committed to -- becomes obvious when someone examines what you consistently do?

You will become consistent in the area where your real commitment exists.

Consider an athlete. He/She might consider missing some things, but they would never consider missing practice. They would not miss that which is so necessary for being the kind of athlete they want to be.

This is true in business.

A salesman said, "I always make two more calls after I've said I'm finished for the day."

You consistently do what you are committed to.

So many people who have no discipline -- no consistency -- and especially when it comes to the area of Christ -- wonder why they are not moving forward in the Christian journey or why their church doesn't seem to advance the Kingdom of God.

I. Consistency Must Be The Character of Your Commitment
II. Commission Must Be The Circumference of Your Concern

This is talking about the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20)

In other words - "For who should I be concerned?"

The Bible says "all nations." This verse - Acts 5:42 speaks beyond the church.

Aren't you glad the Bible doesn't say, "Go ye therefore in the church only and make disciples?"

Notice - "...and in every house."

If you want to go forward with God -- ...

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