by David Davis

Facing the Fear of Failure
Dr. David Davis
Mark 5:22-24; 35-43

I find no problem in trusting the Lord to do something great --- in some else's life.

Someone comes to me with a financial need, I find it easy to say, "No sweat, God owns it all...He can meet your need.

Or someone says they have a marriage problem. "God can meet that problem!"
Perhaps it is a business need. "God understands and he can take care of that need."
Maybe it is a sin problem or dealing with temptations or trials. "God can forgive you or give you the power to overcome any temptation or trial that you might face!"

I can believe that God is going to work in someone else's life, town, or church. The problem I face is believing God to work in my life.

We all can believe that God is going to work in someone else's life. Our problem is when it comes to us!

Surely God couldn't meet my need - change my child - meet my financial need - heal my marriage --- give me that job - forgive me of my sin - give me victory over my temptations.

We trust and believe God in the lives of others, but not in our own.

There comes a time in my life when I am trusting God for something that the devil doesn't come and say, "It'll never happen!"

The more you trust God for things in your life - the more you exercise walking by faith - the more pressure the devil puts on you to disbelieve God's Word and discourage your faith walk. He keeps on and on until you are so frustrated that you finally give up and say, "Yep! You're right! It can't be done!"

What if God doesn't do this in my life? What if I fail? Who ever said you were a success?

Read Mark 5:22-24

Jarius faced this same delimma. Look and see how he dealt with it.

I. Positive Dream
v. 23

There is coming a time, if it hasn't already come, that you will have a Positive Dream.

Jarius had a great dream. It may have been a secret dream and he may have never share it with anyone or just a few friends. What was his ...

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