by Johnny Hunt

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The Tolerating Church (3 of 5)
Series: Deeper
Johnny Hunt
Revelation 2:18-29

Introduction: Thyatira was the least important of all seven cities; yet it received the longest letter. According to Acts 16:14; Lydia was the 1st convert from this.

Acts 16:14
"Now a certain woman named Lydia
heard us. She was a seller of purple
from the city of Thyatira, who
worshiped God. The Lord opened her
heart to heed the things spoken by

While Ephesus would not tolerate evil, but she had lost her love; Thyatira was strong in love but tolerated evil. There is always the tendency to be orthodox, strong, and committed to truth while failing to love the Lord with all our hearts, minds and souls. Ok we may love the Lord so completely and fully,and do not stand for the truth.

Also Pergamus was challenged to worship Caesar instead of Jesus; Thyatira was encouraged to worship both.

Dawson McAllister said, "it is fashionable today to be searching for the truth, but when you find it, you are a bigot." In this pluralistic society, there is no such thing as narrowness; we are going to be broad. We are going to embrace everybody.
But as this text will reveal, toleration can be sin. There is an exclusiveness that must belong to the church. God's people have to take a stand for God, and we have to say, "we will not comply with anything that is opposed to Jesus Christ. He is our rule and authority. We measure our lives by Jesus and His word for us and will not compromise that stand."

As we study these 7 churches, you will note there is a progressive worsening in the character of them as they are more and more influenced by evil.

Note Subjects Introduced:

I. The Christ 18
"the Son of God" - in Thyatira, the people
worship Apollo, the "sun god," which explains
why the Lord introduced Himself as the "the
Son of God."

This is the only time in the book of Revelation this title is used. ...

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