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The Basic Elements of a Powerful Life (4 of 5)
Series: The Basic Elements of a Powerful Life
Dr. David Davis
Acts 1: 9-14

Let’s review the previous elements of a powerful life.

I. Definitely Chosen
1. Choice Initiated By Christ
2. Choice Indicated By Confession

II Decidedly Convinced
1. Conviction of the Reality of Jesus
2. Conviction of the Realm of the Crucifixion
3. Conviction of the Resurrection of Jesus

III. Distinctly Commanded
1. Clear Commandments
2. Consistent Commandments
3. Contrary to the Word’s Commandments
4. Conditions to Obey God’s Commandments

IV. Divinely Commissioned
1. Power Delegated
2. Purpose Defined
3. Perimeter Described

Acts. 1:6-8
A command has to do with a specific order.
A commission gives, along with a command, the authority and ability to do what God has commanded us to do.

V. Directly Communicating
Acts 1: 9-14
Look at verses 9-11

Perhaps these men were overcome with the truth that Jesus had ascended into heaven. While they were looking up -- two men in white apparel spoke to them saying, ‘‘Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven.’’

You know what these men were saying? ‘‘Get with it!’’ You have been commissioned! You have been empowered! Get with the task of God’s commandments! Especially with the fact that Jesus is going to return! Get with it!’’

So they followed the instructions and returned to Jerusalem and began to be involved in the fifth basic element. They began to directly communicate in prayer with God.
Look as verses 13-14

1. Fellowship of Prayer
These words, ‘‘one accord’’ is actually only one word in the original language of the Scripture. Here is how that word is translated. You might think of it in terms of being unanimous -- but it means more than that. It is a combination of words that mean ‘‘to breathe together.’’

They continued in fellowship together praying as one concert together before God - breathing together.

It is exciting to hear an ...

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