by David Davis

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The Basic Elements of a Powerful Life (5 of 5)
Series: The Basic Elements of a Powerful Life
Dr. David Davis
Acts 1:15-26

Let's review the previous elements of a powerful life.

I. Definitely Chosen
1. Choice Initiated By Christ
2. Choice Indicated By Confession

II Decidedly Convinced
1. Conviction of the Reality of Jesus
2. Conviction of the Realm of the Crucifixion
3. Conviction of the Resurrection of Jesus

II. Distinctly Commanded
1. Clear Commandments
2. Consistent Commandments
3. Contrary to the Word's Commandments
4. Conditions to Obey God's Commandments

III. Divinely Commissioned
1. Power Delegated
2. Purpose Defined
3. Perimeter Described

IV. Directly Communicating
1. Fellowship of Prayer
2. Fervency of Prayer
3. Force of Prayer

Now we come to Acts 1:15-26
V. Deeply Concerned
Deep concern is rarely expressed in the church our Lord Jesus Christ in this generation. I don't think we see the brokenheartedness that is necessary in seeing genuine revival.

Where is there, in this generation, a congregation of people, whose hearts are lifted up in a concert of prayer, and broken down and melted together, in deep, deep concern?

If you want the power of God to move in your life, you can't just tip your hat to God on an occasional basis, and ask for God's power to move in your life. If you want to become a truly, victorious power-filled Christian -- there is a deep, broken concern which will be found in your life as a prelude to the moving of God. But most people are not willing to pay that kind of price.

Most people are concerned with getting out at noon from church.
Vance Havner once said, "Our churches start at 11:00 a.m. sharp and end at 12:00 o'clock dull."

We find a deep concern written on the faces of these 120 who were gathered in the upper room. What were they concerned about?

If you want God to plow up the hard ground in your heart and make it fertile for the seeds to be planted deep in your heart of ...

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