WAY BETTER... (6 OF 11)

by Zach Terry

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Way Better... (6 of 11)
Series: Ecclesiastes
Zach Terry
Ecclesiastes 7

INTRODUCTION: Ecclesiastes is a dissertation on life from the wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon of Israel. For the first half of the book he examined life from two perspectives:
• Life under the sun - apart from Christ, apart from God.
• Life under Heaven - life with Christ, with God.

In chapter 6, he began drawing conclusions for practical application. Based on what Solomon has seen - how then should we live? Someone said, "Information without application is hallucination".

Well the remaining chapters are all about application.

In chapter 7 Solomon is going to talk about what is to be preferred in life. Let's do a brief survey. All things being equal is it BETTER to be:
• rich or poor?
• happy or sad?
• have a good spouse or a lousy spouse?
• To have a good job or no job?

Of course we Christians generally agree on those things, most people apart from christianity believe those things as well. However, the great difference that Christ brought to the equation was the understanding that different circumstances without a different you really isn't better. But a better YOU regardless of the circumstances is WAY better.

So Jesus doesn't primarily call us on a journey to a new spouse, a new job, a income... he calls us to a new life.

In chapter 7 Solomon begins drawing personal and practical conclusions from his observations of life. Specifically, what should a man's personal character look like in light of taking a good long look at life, as it is, without any rose colored glasses and with intense wisdom?

In Chapter 7 he lists 4, "better than" statements. As a result of his grand experiment he has determined something of the value of a man or woman's character.

You don't have Solomon's wisdom.
You don't have to live Solomon's kind of life.

You can listen to God and reap the same benefit.

Speaking of the O.T. Israel Paul said, 1 Corint ...

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