by Lenny Ports

The Resurrection Changes Everything
Lenny Ports

Last Sunday there was a threat of snow and I know it kept many people from coming out to their churches on Sunday morning. They had to miss church to go get their bread and milk. Even if they didn't need any bread and milk or even if they didn't eat bread and drink milk, in Richmond, it's like Pavlov's dog, as soon as there is the forecast for snow, they run to Ukrops (I mean Martin's) to get their bread and milk. Here's my theory on it: if there is so much snow and I run out of food, and I can't get to Martin's, you know what I am going to do, knock on my neighbor's door and ask them if they have any. Hey I got some coffee, you got some bread and milk? Problem solved.

Needless to say Winter is a fun season around Richmond. But wait, I thought it turned to spring last Wednesday? I think spring has sprung. What a difference a week can make. Here's the deal: we are so used to the seasons that we don't appreciate what is going on behind the scenes. My cherry blossom tree in the front yard has now started to show flower shoots everywhere on every branch. And in just a week or two, the beautiful white flowers will brighten up the front yard. Spring is a happy time. We know that Spring comes out of Winter every year. And some of us that are better in Science than others of us can explain all the physical changes in nature and how it depends on the lifespan of a plant and temperatures, and pollination, and all that good stuff. But the average Joe (which is what I am when it comes to this) just knows that Spring comes after Winter! I might not be able to explain it scientifically, but I can certainly appreciate it.

Same thing with darkness and light. We can understand that when the sun is hidden behind the Earth, it causes darkness over that portion of the Earth. And every 24 hours, the Earth rotates on its tilted axis, and as a result we have dark hours at night and light hours during the day. ...

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