by Marvin D. Patterson

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Winning the Unsaved Spouse to Christ (3 of 3)
Series: Fortifying the Family
Marvin Patterson
1 Peter 3:1-7


We are looking this evening at the roles of both the husband and the wife. We do know that Peter was married according to a passage in the Scriptures that said Peter had a mother in law. It is hard to have a mother in law unless you are married. Amen! Listen to what the Scriptures say,

Matthew 8:14

King James Version (KJV)

14 And when Jesus was come into Peter's house, he saw his wife's mother laid, and sick of a fever.

Do you have good mother in law? I do. Wanda's mother has been very good to me. I hope Peter's mother in law was good to him.

Wife - You hate my relatives!

Husband - No, I don't! In fact, I like your mother-in-law more than I like mine.

Once two ladies came before King Solomon, fighting over a boy. "He's my son-in law" one said "No he's mine" countered the other. After thinking for a few minutes the King finally decided on a ruling. "Bring me my sword and we will cut the boy in half, they will each get half." "No" the first lady screamed "don't cut him in half I would rather the second lady get the whole son-in-law." Ah Hah said King Solomon with a big smile I now know who is the real mother-in-law. For a only the real mother-in-law would stand quietly while her son-in-law gets cut in half."

Peter goes into the teachings on family life, and even deals with how to win an unsaved spouse to Christ. He will also give husbands a great truth on how to get your prayers answered.

We are going to first look at the role of the wife, since Peter addresses them first.

Let's hear one doctor's advice:

A woman accompanied her husband to the doctor's office. After his checkup, the doctor called the wife into his office alone. He said, "Your husband is suffering from a very severe disease, combined with horrible stress. If you don't do the following, your husband will surely die. Each morning ...

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