by Ernest Easley

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Good News for Today's Church (2 of 2)
Series: Good News for Today's Church
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 16:13-20

When I was growing up, CHURCHLIFE was simple, especially if you were a Southern Baptist.

*Every church taught the same Sunday School lesson.

*Every church basically had the same worship style.

*Every church sang out of the Baptist Hymnal and sang the same songs. I remember when we went from the Broadman Hymnal to the Baptist Hymnal and what division that caused.

While traveling on a trip, you could walk into any Southern Baptist Church and go to Sunday School, knowing what the lesson was going to be on! And then go to worship and know every song.

Today, every church: looks different, sounds different, dresses' different. No wonder finding a church home is difficult and confusing for so many; especially with so many unusual churches. Here are a few that I found this week on a google search:

*The 24 Hour Church of Elvis

*The Agnostic Church

*ChurchLite: Church for the Unbeliever

*Church of Reason

*Church of Saturday Night Live

*Church of the Covered Dish

*Church of the Dome

*Church of Now

*Church of Monday Night Football: "We are devoted to football, TV and church on Monday nights."

And these are just a sampling of churches across our nation. No wonder people across America are so confused about Jesus and His church! You will even find confusion about Jesus and His church INSIDE His church. I hope that our ten week series of bible messages under the heading of CHURCHLIFE helped clear away some of the confusion regarding what it means to be a church member.

People were confused about Jesus in Jesus' day and they are still confused about Jesus in our day. Remember this, if Satan can keep people confused about Jesus, he can keep people lost without Jesus. That's why RSBC exists to connect people with God through worship, through growth and through outre ...

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