by Wayne Hinson

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Redeeming Appearance (2 of 3)
Series: Are You A Member Of Triple A Grace
Dr. Wayne Hinson
Titus 2: 11

Imagine that you have in your hand the contract papers for a membership with the AAA Auto Club. Your membership fees have been submitted and documented. Now you are totally covered for all the membership benefits and especially roadside assistance. Should you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, you can rest assured that the AAA Auto Club will send help your way. All this sounds great, but all that has been described above are words and promises that are recorded on a piece of paper called a contract. That contract itself does not have the power to perform any action that is described within it. Now it will take the performance of the company whose name is listed as a participant on the contract paper. Regardless of how legal and well drafted that contract is, the bottom line is "can AAA Auto Club make a redeeming appearance when you need them?" All you really have is a hope that what's written on the contract will actually result in a performance.

Taking a contrasting look at God's AAA Grace reveals quite a striking difference. The guarantee of roadside assistance for every child of God that finds themself in a ditch, is not based on a hope that a future performance will come to past, but is based on the reality that a past performance of redemption for a lost sinner has been accomplished. Our text states that the grace of God hath appeared. Now, as we take a long look at that redeeming appearance, we discover that certain hurdles and roadblocks had to be overcome before it could come to past.

I. Hurdles That Have Occurred
There are two appearances mentioned in verses 11-15. The first one is past, the second one is future. A person will never see the second one (future), unless they have spiritually seen the first one (past). There has to be a past experience (appeared), before there can be a future experience (appearing). ...

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