by Wayne Hinson

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Resourceful Assessment (3 of 3)
Series: Are You A Member Of Triple A Grace
Dr. Wayne Hinson
Titus 2: 12

I. Powerful Meditations ("teaching us")

As I began to meditate and pray upon verse 12, I sensed that the Holy Ghost desired for me to take a long hard look at the fifty two years that I have been saved by God's AAA grace. Although this was a painful assessment, it also proved to be a resourceful assessment.

Illus: I am reminded of something that my daddy used to tell me as I was growing up. He would look me straight in the eyes with that look that only he could produce and say, "if you won't listen, then you will have to feel".

This memory from my childhood is very similar in comparison to the teaching I believe is coming forth from verse 12. As we delve a bit farther into the exposition of this verse, we began to see the portrayal of a classroom, but this is no ordinary classroom in that the main objective is not only to teach us, but to cause us to assess our life as a child of God. There are two main thrusts that I would like to share with you concerning this assessment. They are:

A) The Course Of Life

Drawing from previous comparisons between the AAA auto club and God's AAA Grace, we discovered that our life as a child of God is nothing more than a road trip. On this road trip we encounter many obstacles and hurdles that can be categorized into three divisions:

1. Detours That Slow Us Down

A detour is, by definition, a deviation from a direct course or the usual procedure or path. It is also a roundabout way that temporarily replaces part of a route, without changing the ultimate destination. In our walk with AAA grace, we have known from the beginning of the trip exactly what and where our destination is. That destination of heaven will never change, however the exact roads and highways we have to travel to get there will most likely be altered many times by the w ...

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