by J.D. Greear

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Three Attitudes Toward Sin That Give You Assurance With God
Series: Assured: 1 John
JD Greear
1 John 1:5-2:2


How do you know that you know God? How do you know he loves you, that you're at peace with him, and that you will spend eternity with him? How do you know your experience with him is real?

That's what the book of 1 John is all about. I would submit to you that is the most important question you'll ever consider. It's more important than where you go to college; how high of a GPA you graduate with; what job you get; how much money you make; how many friends you have; whom you marry; how good your marriage is or even how happy you are in life.

Imagine you're looking out the window of your corner office window on the top floor of your city's highest skyscraper, considering which of two companies to invest millions of dollars in. It's a big decision that could make or break your career. But
say the date is Sep 11, 2001, you're office is in the World Trade Center and it's 8:00 am. In light of what is about to happen, even that decision seems trifling. In light of eternity, where you stand with God, and if you're right about where you think you stand with God, is the most important question you'll ever consider.

If you get that question wrong, you've lost everything, even if you get every other question in life right.

Today we're going to look at the last half of the 1st chapter in 1 John, where John identifies 3 signs of someone who doesn't know God-even though they think they do.
- And what's really important about these things, that you should note, is that John is describing religious people here, not irreligious. He's not saying, "Here's 3 signs the pagans or atheists don't know God." No-"Here's 3 indications that a religious, spiritual person doesn't really know God."
- You see, and this is one of the most important lessons in the Bible, you can be really religious, or, spiritual, and not actually know God at all. Jesus' ...

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