by J.D. Greear

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One Simple Question (2 of 6)
Series: First Love: Ephesians 5
JD Greear
Ephesians 5:21

Couple of important points from last week: First, there are no married people issues; only single people issues that get worse in marriage. Marriage doesn't create problems; it merely exposes them.
• Let me apologize in advance for this illustration, but how many of you saw the Louisville/Duke game a couple of weeks ago where the Louisville player broke his leg? It might be the nastiest sports injury I've ever seen. When you watch the replay, it didn't really look that bad; it looked like just a norma jump and landing, but it snapped his shinbone in half and tore through the skin... They say something was already wrong with bone (disease, a hairline fracture), because that kind of pressure should not have broken the bone unless there was already something wrong with it.
o The jump and landing didn't create the problem; it just revealed it.
• In the same way, the pressures of marriage don't create problems in our hearts; it just reveals them.
o And some of you don't want to admit that, because you want to blame your spouse, or your marriage, for all your problems, but, if you were honest with yourself,
you'd probably admit that your marriage is just unearthing the existing problems in your heart- selfishness; control impatience; anger.

Second, we saw last week that marriage and singleness are, according to Paul, one of the things God uses most to teach us about our relationship to him.
• Paul calls this the divine mystery of marriage,1 and when you unlock this mystery, it will yield so much understanding about what God is doing in your marriage, and why it is the way it is-and even what he's doing in those seasons in your life when you are not married.

Both of those points are going to be really important today, because the Apostle Paul is going to teach us a principle that should undergird all of our relationships.

People say: why are you doing ...

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