by J.D. Greear

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God's Purpose and Plan for Gender (5 of 6)
Series: First Love: Ephesians 5
JD Greear
Ephesians 5:21-32

We are nearing the home stretch in our series through Ephesians 5 on relationships. The small group study guide for this week is on Decision-­-Making.
• What I'm going to give you this weekend is a general vision for the family and the home that will provide you with a framework out of which you can make a lot of the most important decisions in your family.
• (I'm not going to spend a lot of time in this message discussing how you go about making day-­-by-­-day decisions, whether to live in location X or Y or take job A or B
o 1. I'm hoping to do a short mini-­-series on that in the Fall;
o 2. Gospel-­-Centered Marriage Seminar early this
summer on that as well)

But what I am going to give you today will be crucial, I think, in helping you think through major decisions in your marriage, or even whether or not to get married.

If you are single, what I hope you'll see today is what you should be looking for in your spouse if you get married. You can't know what qualities to look for if you don't know God's design in a marriage.
• You see, the ancient view of marriage was that marriage is primarily functional. Established economic stability. Give you kids who could take care of you in old age. So choose a woman whose family was wealthy and had good birthing hips.
• The modern view of marriage is that marriage is about romantic fulfillment. So you look for the person who completes
you and makes all your dreams come true. If you do, you'll live happily ever after in infatuation bliss.

Paul says in Eph 5 that neither of those things is the primary purpose of marriage. Preparing you for heaven is the purpose of marriage.

And that leads me to the biggest point for our non-­-married community in this series. Whether you are married or not, God's goal is the same: Christ-­-likeness. He uses different means to get us there, but his ...

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